Why You Doin’ This?

So lately people around me have been writing blogs, starting Youtube channels, and finding ways to document their lives, thoughts, and challenges. The reason why I enjoy social media is the same reason social media can be draining. It serves as a platform for people to share whatever they want whenever the want. It gives the opportunity for others to relate among each other.

I have been considering doing this, as in starting a blog, for a while now. The idea really stuck during summer but every time the thought came up I pushed it away. I wasn’t even sure what exactly I would be writing about. But since I have basically nothing else to do right now and need some sort of creative outlet, a blog seems fitting. Writing is something I have always done. For some reason I’m drawn to it. It’s something no one really knows I do, until now. I remember in middle school having to write a book of poetry and though school projects were always the worst I didn’t mind that one. Even analyzing poetry and texts and listening to my interpretations compared with others has always and probably will always interest me. Bet that’s why I’m so good at over analyzing.

I never really understood why I’ve been drawn to writing. Whenever someone caught me writing, I felt the need to hide. Writing this my dad walked by me and I felt the urge to switch to online shopping out of habit. It’s the things I’m most passionate about that tend to make me the most nervous. Failure, not being good enough, even worse, just being flat out terrible are all fears that make me the most anxious. When you’re bad at what you love to do, it can be disheartening. I used to rather never know than to know. Now I know better than that.

I didn’t realize until now, but I only have two goals in my life. The first is true happiness. Happiness is something different to everyone; maybe one day I’ll share what my happiness is. The second is to inspire. If anything I decide to share or have to say means something or makes a difference to even one person, I’d be on the road to being content. The problem is I’m not a good public speaker; it’s something I’m trying to better myself with. My shyness is something that developed from my experiences which is another reason a blog is more fitting for me.

With all of that said, my first piece of advice, a lesson I’ve learned, stop being afraid. Don’t be afraid to do what you love. Don’t be afraid to show it off and don’t be afraid of constructive criticism. It only makes you better. The nervousness and fear will dissipate with time. The fact that there is any nervousness or fear can even has the potential to mean that is the right move, depending on the situation of course. This idea has been floating through my mind for a long time but ideas mean nothing if you don’t act on them. People don’t know what you don’t say; you can’t inspire by staying silent. So, here’s what I have to say.


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