Eve Brown, sister of Chloe and Dani Brown, still lives with their parents. After feeling like she failed a wedding she planned, she took down her website and decided to scratch the idea of becoming an event planner. Her family has wealth so she doesn’t have to worry about money while she figures out her next venture. Again. Her parents notice the website is taken down and reprimand her. They tell her she needs to get serious about life and her career and are cutting her off until she acts her age. In this case, it’s holding down a job for a year.

Feeling like a failure, she leaves the house, crying, and eventually stumbles upon a bed and breakfast that happens to be hiring for a cook. Jacob, the owner, is impressed by her beauty but unimpressed by the different jobs she had, her unpreparedness in not bringing a resume, and her general casualness. She leaves following Jacob’s wishes. Mont, the temporary cook and Jacob’s friend, reminds Jacob that they’re desperate and says she should at least cook something for them before they decide she is unfit. As Jacob runs after her to tell her, she literally runs him over with her car. Seeing as Jacob has a broken arm and is loopy from the pain medication and Mont needs to tend to his own business, Mont gives Chloe the job. What could possibly happen?

My review with spoilers

I feel like every character Talia has written has been relatable in some way and it is something I genuinely appreciate. Her characters are well thought out even down to their insecurities and trauma and it makes them likable. Like all the books in the series, this book takes a two narrator approach.

This romance takes the enemies to lovers approach. Like with Chloe, they didn’t get along at first. The more time they spend together, the more they appreciate each other, and eventually develop feelings for one another. It’s another slow burn book where they learn things about each other over time. Jacob has autism so it can be hard for him to connect with new people. He feels understood by Eve, who ponders if she is autistic herself. Jacob helps Eve see that she’s not a failure and she learns not to be so hard on herself.

Like with the other books, this contains sexual content. I finished this one like a month ago, so if memory serves there is two scenes in detail and one of those scenes includes a toy.

There’s a typical fight in the last act of the book. This time it’s sort of a I’m gonna end this before you leave me situation on Jacob’s side. In his defense, he is surprised with information about Eve’s intentions career-wise and pushes her away because he is hurt. Eve is also hurt because this intentions were no longer current. She just hasn’t communicated the whole picture yet.

It doesn’t help that the her sisters and their boyfriends, their parents, her grandmother and her grandmother’s girlfriend make a surprise appearance because they’re worried about her safety and how she suddenly went MIA. I also think they’re included to remind you that this is the last of the series. I wonder how I’d view the characters differently if I started with this one first.

In the end, they confess their love for each other and pretty much live happily ever after. It was cute. I loved it. And I can’t rate it lower than the others, so I give it five stars.

Out of all of the books in the series, I like Dani’s the best. However I really enjoyed them all and Talia’s writing style and I related to each of them for different reasons.


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